Senior Wellness

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Do you have a senior dog or cat in your family?

We know your pets are part of the family, so we want to help make sure they are healthy as they enter their golden years. Just as in humans, a senior pet’s health can change each year, sometimes sooner.

Routine health care visits are recommended every 6 months to monitor for and treat common diseases found in senior pets. Common diseases include, but are not limited to: cancer, cardiovascular disorders, endocrine disorders, orthopedic disorders, and neurological disorders.

During your pet’s semi-annual visit, we can discuss different monitoring options to screen for these conditions.

Why do senior pets need more frequent exams?

We aim to provide the best care for our patients through prevention and early detection of disease. This is especially important for senior pets, and a proactive approach can add quality years to your companion’s life.

  • As pets age, the efficiency of their organ functions may gradually decrease.  These changes are subtle, and pet owners often will not notice any changes in health or behavior until the condition begins to advance. Fortunately, many disease indicators can be detected with diagnostics before it negatively affects your dog or cat’s health.
  • Because our animals age much more rapidly than humans, we recommend that all senior pets be seen every six months for a wellness exam. This is a thorough exam, including but not limited to: assessing the heart and lungs, abdominal palpation, checking teeth, ears, eyes and joints.
  • ​​Early detection of disease processes can result in more effective treatment and less visits to the veterinarian. This can mean a longer, healthier and happier life for your pet, and in turn will save you money. With these goals in mind, we are offering special wellness blood work packages at a reduced price. Good for your pet, and good for you!

These diagnostics can make a huge difference in your pet’s longevity & quality of life!

Get the most out of your appointment!

​Fill out our easy, online Senior Pet Questionnaire to give us a thorough history about things like eating & drinking habits, mobility issues, and behavior. This information helps the doctor build a complete picture of overall health to make the best recommendations for you and your pet.